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About BRSO und du

Sir Simon Rattle © BR\Astrid Ackermann

“Can we be on familiar terms?”

We ask this question when we get to know someone, find them likeable, and want to know more about them; or when we have known each other for many years and want to get a little closer; or because it is less complicated to be on familiar terms; or because a more personal relationship has developed.

From the 2023/2024 season “BRSO und du” will be the name of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra’s learning and participation programme. We welcome Sir Simon Rattle as our new chief conductor and as someone who is deeply committed to music being accessible to everyone.

BRSO und du © BR\Astrid Ackermann

On an equal footing

To be on familiar terms with someone means being in direct contact, treating each other with respect, being interested in each other, becoming friends. The BRSO aims at being on familiar terms with its audience: our learning and participation programme stands for openness, joy in and inspiration through music.

BRSO und du © BR\Astrid Ackermann

And how does this relate to you?

That’s what we would like to find out together with you. Our learning and participation programme “BRSO und du” opens up multiple gateways to music and to the activities of the BRSO – in Munich and throughout Bavaria, in analogue and digital ways, for discovering and taking part.

BRSO und du © BR\Astrid Ackermann

Join us

In children’s and family concerts, on specially developed school tours, during rehearsal visits and video chats, and in community projects, you can experience sound, listen in different ways, feel music, make music yourself, find words for music, be inspired, and share your impressions and ideas with us: in mutual exchange and on an equal footing with the musicians and educators of the BRSO.

Sir Simon Rattle © BR\Astrid Ackermann

The Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks and its principal conductor Sir Simon Rattle look forward to meeting you!